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Social Bookmarking sites allow you to bookmark and share links over the internet so that you can access your links from any computer you happen to be using with internet access. These can then be shared with friends and people with similar interests.

All of the sites selected below are free to use, although require you to registration before you can begin bookmarking. Each of the sites works in a slightly different way, so use the links below to find out which you find most suitable.

Once registered with one of the sites, if you find this website interesting and want to save it for future reference or share it with other people, simply click on one of these links to add to your list.

For more information about social bookmarking, check out this Wikipedia article.

For more details about each of these services: | information | register

Digg | information | register

Facebook | information | register

Reddit | information | register

StumbleUpon | information | register



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