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Stage 1 - Relevant authority training on the Habitats Regulations
Stage 2 - Foundation document
Stage 3 - Identification of key activities
Stage 4 - Inventory of activities
Stage 5 - Analysis of activities
Stage 6 - Assessment of activities
Stage 7 - Monitoring
Stage 8 - Management scheme

Stage 3 - Identification of key activities. The aim of this stage is to produce a matrix of activities for all relevant authorities across the whole of the site, which may cause deterioration or damage to the features and/or sub-features of the EMS. These will be determined by sector group (local authorities, ports/harbour authorities, Environment Agency, water companies and Internal Drainage Boards) meetings, where one co-ordinator from each RA will identify which activities their RA is responsible for and which operations they cause. A generic list of activities will be analysed for this purpose. The matrix will provide a site-specific summary of how local activities interact with the interest features of the EMS

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