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Quiz Questions

Severn Estuary Strategy Project for

National Science Week












1. The HOME Page tells us several facts about the Severn Estuary
- Give two examples


2a. When was the Severn Estuary Strategy established?


2b. Give two of the aims of the Severn Estuary Strategy



3. Look in LOCATION. Where does the study area covered by the Severn Estuary Strategy run from?



Look at the map. Draw in the boundary of the study area on the map you have been given.
Mark the location of your school on your map.

4a. Look in MANAGEMENT. At the bottom of the page there is a link to SES stakeholders. What do you think an Estuary Stakeholder is?



4b. Use the link to name 2 stakeholders from each of the three categories listed below:

Private Sector


Public Sector


Voluntary Sector


5. How many PUBLICATIONS produced by the Severn Estuary Strategy can be viewed on the web?


6a. Use the link from PUBLICATIONS to look at the Severn Estuary Strategy Joint Issues Report.
Go straight to chapter 3 and give the definition of sustainable development.




Why do you think this is important?



6b. Find the section on 'Tourism, Recreation and Access'.
Name 4 recreational activities for which the Estuary is used.




6c. Look in the correct chapter to find what activities in the Estuary come under the heading of Waste Management.




6d. Look in chapter 13.
What is an SSSI?


What three Large SSSI's cover the Estuary?



Name the three island SSSI's.



What international designations has the Severn Estuary been given?




6e. Go to MAPS
Look at Map 13. Designated Conservation Areas
Mark on your map the three island SSSI's.
The land around the Estuary also contains many SSSI's. Mark on the closest SSSI to your school.

7. The Joint Issues report was produced in partnership with the Environment Agency.
Use LINKS to enter the Environment Agency web site.
Click on your Backyard and then click on find your environment.
Enter the town your school is in and the postcode if you know it.
Have a look at the map

7a. Using the key at the side of the map give two items of information the map tells you about the area you live in.




8. The Severn Estuary is important for industry and shipping.
Go back to LINKS.
Find the web site for Associated British Ports (ABP).
Find and click on the Environment Review Section
Click on goals

8a. Which of ABP's aims relate to sustainability? What are they?




Finally - try and answer the following:

If the Severn Estuary has the second highest tidal range in the world, can you find out where the highest tidal range is found?


Can you think of one way that you as an individual can help to care for the estuary?



Why is it important for the Severn Estuary Strategy to have a web site?



How could the web site be made more interesting?




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