Severn Estuary Partnership Maps

The following maps are reproduced from the Severn Estuary Strategy. They are available to be viewed in .pdf format for which you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. These maps were produced in 2001 and some information contained therein may have changed subsequent to production. They are schematic only, and the user must ensure the validity of the information contained therein and that they are appropriate for the purpose of use. Mapping is based upon on OS maps with permission of OS on behalf of HMSO. © Crown copyright ed275492. Please refer to copyright section if you are considering using these maps.

  • Map 1: Environment Agency LEAPs
  • Map 2: Major developments proposed in development plans
  • Map 3: Coastal processes and topography
  • Map 4: Coastal defences
  • Map 5: Tourist attractions and recreational areas
  • Map 6: Ports and Harbour Authorities and other features of interest
  • Map 7: Major sewage discharges and planned improvements
  • Map 8: Major industrial discharges
  • Map 9: Estuary water quality and statutory monitoring sites
  • Map 10: Major atmospheric discharges and nuclear licensed site discharges regulated by the Environment Agency
  • Map 11: Licensed dredging sites
  • Map 12: Fisheries and angling
  • Map 13: Landscape
  • Map 14: Designated conservation areas
  • Map 15: Scheduled Ancient Monuments
  • Extra map Infrastructure (.pdf) (398KB)