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DEFRA High Level Targets

In April 2005 DEFRA issued 6 High Level Targets for Operating Authorities. The Operating Authorities include the Environment Agency, Internal Drainage Boards, Local Authorities and Maritime Local Authorities and are all responsible for providing coastal defence using the 6 High Level Targets are summarised below:

Target 1 - Policy Delivery Statements

Maintain current and publicly available policy delivery statements setting out plans for delivering the Government's policy aim in relation to flood and coastal erosion risk management, and update as necessary.

Target 2 - Information on the National Flood and Coastal Defence Database

Target 3-Shoreline Management Plans (SMP's)

Produce second generation SMP's in accordance with revised Defra guidance        Complete by March 2010.

Target 4 - Biodiversity

Target 5 - Development in areas at risk of flooding and coastal erosion

Target 6 - IDB organisation & administration

For more information on Defra's High Level Target please visit the Defra web site.