COASTATLANTIC: Towards an Atlantic Vision

Thanks to an award of European Interreg, ODPM and local matchfunding, the Severn Estuary Partnership has started work on a range of projects that will benefit the communities and environment of the Severn Estuary.

The COASTATLANTIC website is now online

COASTATLANTIC will be undertaken by a range of partners from Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal. Together they will test the implementation of Integrated Coastal Zone Management, particularly in the context of spatial planning and achieving sustainable development, and in promoting environmental, social and economic well being of the coast.

The results from the project will contribute towards the development of National Strategies for ICZM, and implementing specific aspects of ICZM, in accordance with the EU Recommendation of 30 May 2002. The outputs of the project will also contribute towards the development of an Atlantic Vision for the sustainable development and management of the coastal zone.

COASTATLANTIC is designed to implement individual thematic ICZM actions as listed below. The project will also address crosscutting actions such as Stakeholder Involvement. For each of the themes below, stakeholder forums have been established to steer and advise upon project progress. The SEP is leading the Transnational Partnership on the Stakeholder Involvement theme.

Click on the following links to find stakeholder forum proceedings and progress of each thematic strand:

Access and Interpretation

Cultural Heritage


Natural Heritage

Urban Rural Interdependencies