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    SEP & Joint Initiative Diary:

    Agendas and Minutes 2003-2004:

    This section lists the Partnership's meetings dates and accompanying documents from January 2003 onwards, starting from the imminent and most recent ones. Agendas, minutes of the meeting as well as other documents can be viewed in the regularly updated Table below. The most recent SEP Progress Reports are also listed at the end of this page:

      Meeting Date Agendas Minutes Reports & Other Documents

    SEP Joint Advisory Committee& Joint Estuary Groups Initiative Meeting, 26th April 2004

    SEP Steering Group Meeting, 27th February 2004

    Agenda 26.04.04

    Agenda 27.02.04

    Minutes 26.04.04

    Minutes 27.02.04

    Background Notes 26.04.04



    SEP Steering Group Meeting, 1st December 2003

    Joint Estuary Groups' Initiative, Chairs' Group Meeting, 24th November 2003

    SEP Steering Group Meeting, 15th September 2003

    SEP Steering Group Meeting,
    20th June 2003

    Joint Estuary Groups' Initiative Meeting & SEP Steering Group Meeting


    SEP Steering Group Meeting,
    10th February 2003


    Joint Estuary Groups' Initiative, Chairs' Group Meeting, 15th January 2003


    Agenda 01.12.03

    Agenda 24.11.03

    Agenda 15.09.03

    Agenda 20.06.03

    Joint Initiative Agenda 28.04.03

    SEP Agenda 28.04.03

    Agenda 10.02.03

    Agenda 15.01.03

    Minutes 01.12.03

    Minutes 24.11.03

    Minutes 15.09.03

    Minutes 20.06.03

    SEP Minutes 28.04.03



    Minutes 10.02.03

    Minutes 15.01.03


    Briefing Document 24.11.03










    Memorandum of Understanding

    Progress Reports:

    Updated 09/07/04