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Joint Issues Report - Contents

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Part One - Introduction

1. Introduction &

2. Background to the estuary - economy, social structure and the environment (.pdf)

Part 2 - Topic Chapters

3. Urban development, infrastructure & transport (.pdf) (37KB)

4. Agriculture and rural land use (.pdf) (22KB)

5. Coastal defence (.pdf) (45KB)

6. Tourism, recreation & access (.pdf) (46KB)

7. Ports, shipping and navigation (.pdf) (33KB)

8. Waste management and pollution (.pdf) (87KB)

9. Aggregates and other materials (.pdf) (26KB)

10. Water resources (.pdf) (30KB)

11. Fisheries (.pdf) 20KB)

12. Landscape (.pdf) (15KB)

13. Nature conservation and wildlife (.pdf) (23KB)

14. Archaeology and the historic environment (.pdf) (22KB)

15. Planning and management in the estuary (.pdf) (59KB)

Complete document (.pdf)

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