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Strategy for the Severn Estuary

The Strategy for the Severn Estuary is the result of extensive participation and consultation from a wide range of organisations and individuals with an interest in the Estuary, and many organisations representing the key interests on the Estuary have been involved in developing it. This Strategy document will be part of a mechanism for establishing a strategic framework to address the need for an integrated approach to management on the Estuary. Copies will also be available in libraries around the Estuary, and are available to be downloaded from this web site.

(available to download in Adobe Acrobat)

SUMMARY document available in Welsh and English

Strategy for the Severn Estuary (.pdf)- download the complete document (6.27MB)

1. Setting the scene 1

Introduction 1

The Severn Estuary Partnership 3

Strategy for the Severn Estuary 6

Implementation of the Strategy for the Severn Estuary 9

2. Planning and management in the Estuary 12

3. Sustainable land use, development and transport 25

4. Agriculture 32

5. Coastal protection and flood defence 37

6. Tourism, recreation and access 47

7. Ports, shipping and navigation 56

8. Waste management and pollution 62

9. Aggregates and other minerals 81

10. Water resources 91

11. Fisheries 99

12. Landscape and seascape 105

13. Nature conservation and wildlife 111

14. Archaeology and the historic environment 121



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