The Private Sector

Confederation of British Industries-CBI

Background of Organisation

The CBI is the UK's premier independent business organisation. It exists to ensure that the government of the day, the European Commission and the wider community understand both the needs of British business and the contribution it makes to the well being of UK society.

Founded in 1965, the CBI is a non-profit making, non-party political organisation funded by the subscriptions paid by its members.

Organisational Objectives

The CBI works actively on a wide range of areas that have huge importance for the business community. The Federation's aim is to make sure that the business environment in which industry operates is the best it can be and to keep British business globally competitive and successful.

Relevant Policies, Projects & Activities

CBI has various policies on specific areas of its work, like Corporate Social responsibility and Environment, Health & Safety. The latter includes an Environment Forum.

The CBI Environment Forum is a series of events for business leaders and environmental practitioners. Events cover current and future policy developments as well as showcasing business best practice. Apart from this the CBI has been involved in a joint DEFRA/CBI survey on Business Engagement and business opinion on the upcoming World Summit on Sustainable Development.


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