The Private Sector

Countryside Agency for the South West

Background of Organisation

The Countryside Agency is a statutory body working to make the quality of life better for everyone and particularly the people in the countryside.

Organisational Objectives

The Countryside Agency is the statutory body working:
· To conserve and enhance England’s countryside;
· To spread social and economic opportunity for the people who live there;
· To help everyone, wherever they live and whatever their background, to enjoy the countryside and share in this priceless national asset.

Relevant Policies, Projects & Activities

The Countryside Agency will work to achieve the very best for the Countryside, its people and places,
· Influencing those whose decisions affect the countryside through our expertise, our research and by spreading good practice by showing what works;
· Implementing specific work programmes reflecting priorities set by Parliament, the Government and the Agency Board.

Policies and activities of relevance include: access & rights of way, National Trails, Tourism& Recreation, Farming, National Parks Established and Proposed, AONBs, Community Forests, Village Design and Vital Villages. Other Projects and priorities include: 'Eat the View', Heritage Coasts, Social Exclusion Millenium Greens, Doorstep Greens, Local Heritage Initiative, Countryside Character Initiative, Waking the Way to Healthy Community Renewables, Aggregates Levy, Quiet Lanes Rural Transport, Green Lanes.