National and Regional Government Bodies

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Background of Organisation

The Ministry has wide ranging and diverse responsibilities as well as some regulatory controls that cross the boundaries of topics including; agriculture, coastal protection and flood defence, tourism, recreation and access and fisheries.

Organisational Objectives

· To secure a more economically rational Common Agricultural Policy, which gives a better deal to consumers and tax payers and pays due regard to the needs of the environment;
· To assist the development of efficient markets in which internationally competitive food, fish and agricultural industries can thrive;
· To enhance economic opportunity and social development in rural and coastal communities in a manner consistent with public enjoyment of the amenities they offer;
· To safeguard the continuing availability to the consumer of adequate supplies of wholesome, varied and reasonably priced food and drink.
· To reduce the risks to people and the developed and natural environment from flooding and coastal erosion.
· To sustain and enhance the rural and marine environment and public enjoyment of the amenities they provide.
· To conserve fish stocks for future generations and secure a sustainable future for the sea fishing industry.

Relevant Policies, Projects & Activities

DEFRA and the devolved administrations have jointly commissioned a stocktake of institutions and laws affecting their coastal zones with an aim to adopt national strategies to promote integrated management. For more information follow the link to: ICZM Stocktake