Statutory Agencies

English Nature

Background of Organisation

English Nature is the Government agency that champions the conservation of wildlife and geology throughout
England. It wants to ensure that future generations can enjoy a wealth of wildlife as a major part of their quality
of life. It achieves this by both its own actions and by enabling others.

Organisational Objectives

English Nature:
· Is the Government’s advisor on nature conservation;
· Provides advice and information on nature conservation to other organisations and individuals;
· Designates the most important areas for wildlife and natural features as Sites of Special Scientific Interest
(SSSI) and secures sustainable management of these sites;
· Issues licences which permit people to work with protected animals and plants;
· Establishes and manages National Nature Reserves (NNRs) and Marine Nature Reserves (MNRs);
· Supports and carries out research;
· Implements, on behalf of Government, international conventions and EC Directives on nature conservation
including the Conservation (Natural Habitats etc) Regulations 1994;
· Implements English Nature’s share of the UK Biodiversity Action Plan in England and assists in the
practical application of sustainable development;
· Helps people to experience and care for wildlife and natural features;
· Offers grants to help others carry out nature conservation.

Relevant Policies, Projects & Activities