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Ramblers Association

Background of Organisation

The Ramblers' Association is Britain's biggest organisation working for walkers, a registered charity with 139,000 members across England, Scotland and Wales.

Organisational Objectives

The Association has been looking after Britain's footpaths and defending its beautiful countryside for more than 65 years by:

Britain's unique network of public paths -- all too often, they are illegally blocked, obstructed and overgrown. We work with local authorities to make them a pleasure to walk on.

providing information to help you plan your walk and enjoy it in safety and comfort.

access for walkers -- our work is helping to establish statutory rights of access to our countryside.

the countryside from unsightly and polluting developments so that walkers can enjoy its tranquillity and beauty.

the public about their rights and responsibilities and the health and environmental benefits of walking so that everyone can enjoy our wonderful heritage.

Relevant Policies, Projects & Activities