Local Authority

Somerset County Council

Background of Organisation

Somerset County Council provides a diverse range of services to the public of Somerset. The County Council has been in existence for over 100 years.

Organisational Objectives

Somerset County Council's mission is to provide good quality services that are accessible, responsive and sustainable. The council general aims is to deliver and sustain economic vitality, a healthy environment, and thriving communities leading to an improved quality of life for all in Somerset.More specifically the central objectives of the Council are:

Relevant Policies, Projects & Activities

In general Somerset CC encourages better planning for sustainable development to safeguard and enhance the landscape and biodiversity of Somerset.

The Economy, Transport and Environment Department works as required with the local district and borough councils to prevent erosion of coast by action of the sea. Major activities include Parrett Catchment Project & Levels & Moors Partnership

The Sustainable Somerset Group is a small corporate team set up by the County Council to prepare, with our community, a Local Agenda 21 - an action plan that addresses the environmental, economic and social concerns of people in Somerset. We also are working to minimise the environmental impact of the County Council's own activities, and examining ways of acting locally to help alleviate global problems.