Stautory Agencies

Welsh Development Agency

Background of Organisation

Since its establishment by the UK government in 1976, the WDA has been working to stimulate and support the economic prosperity of Wales. It is the leading enabler of business support in Wales, working for the people of Wales by stimulating more competitive businesses in vibrant communities. The WDA is sponsored by the Welsh Assembly Government.

Organisational Objectives

The WDA aims to :

· Promote economic development and work with Local Authorities on urban development in Wales;
· Monitor housing land supply and facilitate appropriate development;
· Tackle derelict land issues and administer appropriate grants.

Relevant Policies, Projects & Activities

The Agency has pioneered an innovative approach to the improvement of landscapes in areas, which still suffer the effects of industrial decline, to make those areas more attractive to new world-class economic activities. It also works with companies to improve industrial sites and to help them access the help they need to transform their environmental performance. A technical team also provides advice on environmental issues such as landscape, biodiversity and waste minimisation.

The WDA's Capital Projects team believes that investing in the Welsh environment and conserving the best existing qualities gives our economy a competitive edge.