Recreation Groups

Welsh Yachting Association (WYA)

Background of Organisation

The WYA is the governing body for sailing, cruising, windsurfing, boating and power-boating in Wales. It is the Royal Yachting Association Council for Wales. The WYA was established on a company limited by a guarantee in 1994. The WYA is grant-aided by the Sports Council for Wales.

Organisational Objectives

The WYA's objective is to promote the sport in Wales through programs leading to increased participation; raise performance levels, strengthen the membership base and ensure that participants are not unduly restricted in their rights to participate in a safe and responsible manner. There are currently 115 clubs affiliated to WYA and an estimated 25,000 people take part in the sport.

Relevant Policies, Projects & Activities

Support for the sustainable management & use of the marine environment. Ensuring recreational interests of the sailing community are accounted for in considering plans, projects & programs affecting the marine environment. Recognition of WYA as a key stakeholder in the integrated management of the marine environment. Support education rather than legislation as a key approach to management.