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The SES were involved with National Science Week in March 2000. School children (and adults) had the opportunity to 'Surf the Severn Estuary'. This quiz has been left on the web-site, so you too can use your IT skills to explore this web site and complete a quiz about the Estuary's natural environment and the issues that effect it, including those relating to industry, recreation and conservation.

Click on the icon below for the National Science Week quiz. Teachers notes for this Keystage 3/4 activity can be forwarded via e-mail by contacting [email protected]. A map for this activity is available in .pdf format for which you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

National Science Week QuizNational Science Week Quiz

Acrobat Reader

We are very grateful for the support received for the quiz from the Education and Business Partnership at Careers Paths, Cardiff.

Comments from teachers and children who tried the quiz will help us to plan for future educational projects. Children commented that they would like to see more pictures on the website, and teachers need text written especially for children, as the documents available for the quiz were originally written for adults.

The SES plans to work with educational advisors to build on this experience and we are already planning a project for National Science Week 2001.

If you would like to comment on how you think our website might help with the National Curriculum in the UK, please contact us.

Contact: [email protected]