The Estuary

Seven of the Severn

The fish fauna of the Severn Estuary is very diverse . More than 110 species of fish have been identified, which include seven different species of migratory fish, more than any other British estuary! The estuary is one of the most important British estuaries for several rare species, including river lamprey, sea lamprey and twaite shad.

1. River Lamprey
2. Sea Lamprey

3. Allis Shad
4. Twite Shad

5. Salmon
6. Sea Trout
7. European Eel

The estuary serves as a nursery area for juvenile fish where they feed heavily on small items of plankton. The Severn Estuary supports a run of migratory salmon. These fish pass through the estuary on their way to and from their spawning grounds in the upper reaches of the rivers and the open sea. The Estuary also has the largest eel run in the country.