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Conference Programme


Copyright of these presentations and their content remains with the author: please contact them if you wish to use any images. For other presentations/speeches, please contact either the author or the SEP office.Welcome and Opening Speaches:

Chair: Simon Haslett, Bath Spa University
Working Together through the Severn Estuary Partnership and Forum - Natasha Barker, Severn Estuary Partnership Officer
Tidal 'Bores' - Larry Hildebrand, Environment Canada

Natural and Cultural Heritage
Chair: Simon Haslett, Bath Spa University
Natural Heritage of the Severn Estuary - Adrian Jowitt, Natural England
Newport Wetlands Centre - Sue Rice, Countryside Council for Wales

Planning and Climate Change
Chair: Roger Wade, Environment Agency
Severn River Basin District - Working together - Mark Scott, Environment Agency
Climate Change Research Advisory Group - Rhoda Ballinger, Cardiff University
Working Together for Coastal Planning - Tim Stojanovic, EU Corepoint Project

Tidal Energy
Chair: Craig Frost, South West Regional Assembly
Public Engagement with Tidal Power Options - Mervyn Bramley, University of the West of England and RSA
The presentations by Anne Savage and Clive Baker are available on request from the SEP Office, [email protected]

Industry and Infrastructure Heritage Exhibition
Chair: Hance Smith, Cardiff University
The Severn Bridges - Andrew Hewett, Severn Bridges Visitor Centre


The Severn Estuary Partnership Forum Report 2007


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