Innovative Management for Europe’s Changing Coastal Resource

A project funded under the Interreg IVB programme led by Coastal & Marine Resources Centre (University College Cork), 2008 - 2011


IMCORE Final Conference: The Hague, Sept 13-15th

Adapting to Coastal Change: local perspectives - International Conference and Field Trip


What is it about?

Across North West Europe we need to enhance our capacity to respond to the impacts of climate on coastal industries, sectors and communities

On the Severn Estuary IMCORE aims to:

  • inform the development of climate change adaptation on the Severn Estuary
  • encourage joint working and improved interaction between scientists and policy makers

Climate Change Report Card - Climate Change Overview

Climate Change Report Card - Sea Level, Waves, Storms and Surges

Climate Change Report Card - Rainfall


How we will do it?

Across North West Europe the IMCORE project will develop:

common decision support tools and techniques for future planning
adaptive management strategies for each local expert couplet

On the Severn IMCORE is:

  • enhancing the science base on climate change for planning of the Severn Estuary
  • undertaking a stocktake corporate responses to climate change
  • evaluating the policy needs for climate change information and data on the Severn Estuary
  • exploring mechanisms for enhancing science-policy integration on climate change on the estuary
  • increasing awareness of climate change impacts and adaptation options
  • creating guidelines for the development of adaptation options for the Severn Estuary


Who is it for?

Across North West Europe and the Severn Estuary IMCORE will inform better policy and practice for:

  • European decision makers and coordination bodies
  • National level decision makers
  • Regional and local stakeholders


Who are we?

Across North West Europe IMCORE is made up of nine unique partnerships, Expert Couplets of researchers and policy makers.
Cardiff University are working with the Severn Estuary Partnership as the IMCORE Severn Estuary Expert Couplet


Futures Scenarios Workshops

IMCORE is held two workshops aimed at understanding and utilising scenarios for coastal change:


How to contact us?

Severn Estuary IMCORE Enquiries:
Rhoda Ballinger, Cardiff University, [email protected]

IMCORE Project Manager:
Jeremy Gault, University College Cork, [email protected]

Planning for the Severn Estuary


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