Severn Estuary Climate Change Research Advisory Group (SECCRAG)

SECCRAG was established as part of the INTERREG IIIB COREPOINT project to provide a science input with a wider regional base, drawing in scientists and policy makers with an interest in the Severn region. This function has continued to develop under the aegis of the INTERREG IVB IMCORE project. For both projects the emphasis has remained on climate change.

SECCRAG Meeting Reports:

  • SECCRAG Meeting Jan '07
  • SECCRAG Meeting Dec '07
  • SECCRAG Meeting May '09
  • SECCRAG Meeting Feb '10
  • SECCRAG Meeting Dec '10
    • SECCRAG Briefing Notes - Future of Dec '10


Severn Estuary Climate Change Citations Database

This database has been developed over several years as part of the INTERREG IIIB COREPOINT and INTERREG IVB IMCORE projects by Cardiff University. The database holds information on relevant research including just over 1000 citations to journal articles, academic research papers, public reports and guidance documents related to the Severn Estuary and climate change in general. The database covers a wide range of research topics including aspects relating to storm surges, hydrography, wave climate and sediment distribution. The database is currently held in an EndNote Library.

Severn Estuary Climate Change Citations Database

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