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This section summarises scientific information for a non-specialist audience in the form of series of climate change report cards for the Estuary and a State of the Severn Estuary Report.

Climate change report cards

The report cards have been aimed at Local Authority officers, including technical officers and planners around the Severn Estuary. These cards are intended to be used as a reference tool for decision making, where climate change is a concern. It is intended that these cards will be updated, as appropriate, to take account of changes in scientific opinion.


Climate Change Report Card 1: Climate Change Summary (Sept 2010)
Headlines: a summary of key climate change predictions for the Severn Estuary

Climate Change Report Card 2: Climate Change Overview (Sept. 2010)
An overview and brief explanation of projections for sea and land temperatures, precipitation, sea level and storms

Climate Change Report Card 3: Sea level, waves, storms and surges (Sept. 2010)
A slightly more detailed look at sea level projections, wave heights, flooding and storm surges

Climate Change Report Card 4: Report Card: Rainfall (Sept. 2010)
A slightly more detailed look at current rainfall events and future predictions for precipitation including Regional Climate Model trends.

Climate Change Report Card 5: Coastal risk in the Bristol Channel: a meteorological survey (Sept. 2011)
A more detailed look into storms and storm surges, focusing on the meteorological, synoptic conditions likely to increase sea surface elevation and exacerbate coastal erosion and flooding

State of the Severn Estuary Report

This document provides an overview of the ‘State of the Severn Estuary.’ Written in a non-technical and easy to understand style, it aims to inform a wide ranging audience including Estuary users and local people about why the Estuary is so unique.

In providing a snap shot view of the current state of the Estuary, it sets a baseline against which future changes on the Estuary may be identified, including those associated with climate change.



State of the Severn Estuary Report

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