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Planning for the Severn Estuary

Given the low lying nature of much of the European coast, adapting to climate change and particularly sea level rise, is a major challenge for local government. In this context, the Interreg IVB IMCORE project ( is bringing together local government and academic partners from nine study sites across North West Europe to enhance local capacity for coastal climate change adaptation. As part of this project the IMCORE Severn Estuary Planning Review (2009/10) has been undertaken to inform the development of IMCORE guidelines for climate change adaptation for the Severn Estuary.

Planning for the Severn Estuary Conference Report


Introduction to the Severn Estuary Partnership
Paul Parker, Severn Estuary Partnership

Renewable Energy on the Severn Estuary
Professor Roger Falconer, Cardiff University

Planning on land and Sea
Jim Claydon, Claydon Associates

Planning for a cross-border estuary
Emmalene Gottwald, WWF UK

Planning for the Shoreline
Ken Tatem, Environment Agency

Planning for the Shoreline
Graham Quarrier, Environment Agency

Habitat Creation on the Severn Estuary
Lyn Jenkins, Environment Agency

Planning for climate change adaptation
Dr Rhoda Ballinger, Cardiff University


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