Climate Change Adaptation

Enhancing the capacity for climate change adaptation in the Severn Estuary

Innovative Management for Europe’s Changing Coastal Resource

One of the most significant threats to the estuary over the next hundred years comes from climate change. With significant urban development and critical infrastructure associated with the low-lying coasts of the Severn Estuary, a key consideration is protecting these assets from flooding and erosion. Storms and storm surges have already occurred throughout history on the Bristol Channel, and have been the cause of substantial damage and flooding from the sea both in the past and more recently.

What are we trying to do on the Severn?


Who are we?

On the Severn Estuary Cardiff University has been working collaboratively with the Severn Estuary Partnership as partners of the INTERREG IVB IMCORE project.


The Severn Estuary and the IMCORE Project

The Severn Estuary is one of several coastal sites across North West Europe which has been exploring ways of tackling climate change adaptation through the IMCORE project. For lessons and guidelines from the IMCORE project see:


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