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Welcome to the Severn Estuary Partnership (SEP) Web pages

Set up in 1995, the Severn Estuary Partnership is an independent, estuary-wide initiative led by local authorities and statutory agencies. We work with all those involved in the management of the estuary, from planners to port authorities, fishermen to farmers and many more with an interest in the future of the estuary.

Our aims, objectives and plans for 2011 to 2016 are set out in our recently completed Strategic Business Plan (Apr 2011). Our more immediate actions for the next couple of years are outlined in our SEP Actions 2014-15 document ( Jan 2014).

The Strategy for the Severn Estuary was launched in 2001 after several years of work developing consensus and agreement. It now provides a strategic management framework.

Our vision

A vibrant and prosperous community, working in partnership for a clean and pleasant estuary environment, valued and protected for generations to come.


The Partnership brings people together to resolve problems and realise opportunities. We currently:

  • Facilitate effective communication across and between organisations and individuals
  • Establish and embed a set of ‘common principles’ for sustainable estuary use via Partners’ strategies, policies and action plans
  • Act as a co-ordinating body to assist the effective and efficient delivery of agreed estuary-wide actions
  • Promote and publicise the estuary at local, national and international level
  • Add value and fill gaps in effective estuary management, providing extra capacity when required.

Estuary Group Roles

The Partnership provides secretariat services for a number of groups:

Joint Estuary Groups Initative

There are a number of groups with an estuary-wide remit on the Severn Estuary. Together they have formed the Joint Estuary Groups initiative through a Memorandum of Understanding (2001). The different groups on the estuary and their various websites are easily viewed from the Severn Estuary Gateway.

Joint Estuary Day

The role of the Joint Estuary Day is to bring together indviduals representing Local Authorities, Statutory Agencies and other interested organisations to discuss and advise upon estuary-wide management matters and policy.

Severn Estuary Partnership Management Group

The role of the management group is to guide and oversee the work of the Severn Estuary Partnership.


  • COREPOINT (IIIB): promoting ICZM and LIS with spatial planners
  • IMCORE (IVB): Climate change adaptation and scenarios in Europe
  • DeltaNET (IVC): sharing estuary best practice in Europe
  • Beacons: climate change adaptation outreach in Wales and England

Severn Estuary Partnership Region

The area covered by the Severn Estuary Partnership is shown on the map below: The area runs from just above Gloucester to Hurlstone point near Minehead on the English coast and Nash Point (West of Barry) on the Welsh coast.


The Severn Estuary Partnership provides:

  • A flexible and supportive service to all those involved in management or with an interest in the Estuary
  • A strategic estuary–wide view on issues, policies and proposals for action on the Severn through the Strategy for the Severn Estuary
  • A mechanism for monitoring and reviewing progress made on actions suggested within the Strategy
  • Highlight examples of good practice
  • Source funding for new projects

The Partnership provides an interface between organisations and the public, disseminates information and promotes stakeholder involvement through:

  • Facilitation of Public Consultation Processes: SMP2, Marine Planning etc
  • The Severn Tidings Newsletter
  • The SEP and Severn Estuary Gateway Websites
  • A database of estuary-wide organisations and contacts
  • A web-based ‘Who Does What’ guide

Why should you be involved?

It is vital that your interests in the Severn Estuary are represented to ensure the Partnership is truly representative. Contact us


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