The Partnership

Our work and the benefits to your organisation:

The Severn Estuary Partnership provides:

A flexible and supportive service to all those involved in management or with an interest in the Estuary.
A strategic estuary–wide view on issues, policies and proposals for action on the Severn through the Strategy for the Severn Estuary
A mechanism for monitoring and reviewing progress made on actions suggested within the Strategy.

Click here to view a PDF detailing the benefits of the Partnership.

The Partnership provides an interface between organisations and the public, disseminates information and promotes stakeholder involvement through:
the Severn Tidings Newsletter and the maintenance of:
-the SEP Website and the Severn Estuary Gateway Website
-a database of estuary-wide organisations and contacts
-a web-based ‘Who Does What’ guide.

Why should you be involved?

It is vital that your interests in the Severn Estuary are represented to ensure the Partnership is truly representative. Contact us!