The Partnership
Preface to the COREPOINT project, Carwyn Jones AM


'I was delighted to learn of the COREPOINT project and in particular, the involvement of the Severn Estuary Partnership and Cardiff University. Integrated coastal zone management is a vitally important concept and I fully endorse the project’s aims of spreading good practice, capacity building and support for practical projects, including training.

The coast of Wales is of major importance – in terms of its rich environment, economic significance and social context. Around 60% of the population of Wales lives and works on the coast, and 70% of the coastline is designated for its environmental value, including the UK’s only designated coastal national park in Pembrokeshire. It is essential therefore that the coastal resources of Wales are managed properly and sustainably.

But as we know, the coastal areas of North West Europe, including those of Wales, are under an increasing range of pressures, not least those posed by climate change. I am convinced that Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) can play an important part in securing an effective management framework at the local and all Wales levels – and one that will support sustainable development objectives.

The Welsh Assembly Government is developing with the Wales Coastal and Maritime Partnership a new ICZM strategy for Wales. I am sure that COREPOINT can assist the practical implementation of the strategy by helping to raise awareness of ICZM principles and demonstrating their practical application through meaningful projects.

I wish the project well and look forward to hearing of its successes in the future'.

Carwyn Jones AM
Minister for Environment, Planning and Countryside
Welsh Assembly Government