The Partnership

Benefits of COREPOINT to the Severn Estuary and Severn Estuary Partnership

COREPOINT is good news for the Severn Estuary. It will raise the profile of SEP within the UK and North West Europe. This is particularly important given the review of the EC Recommendation on Integrated Coastal Zone Management next year (2006). The project will also facilitate a number of key work packages, supporting and building on the work of the Severn Estuary Partnership and the COASTATLANTIC project. In particular, the project will enable the fulfilment of a number of key actions which were proposed within the Strategy for the Severn Estuary (2002), notably:
Issue Reference M7: the Co-ordination of information and research, and the need for sound science for estuary management; and
Policy M7a: To encourage the availability of recent studies and ongoing research on the Estuary to aid understanding and awareness of its natural dynamics and the interrelationship with social, cultural and economic needs.

COREPOINT Work-Packages Relevant to the Severn Estuary

Evaluation of the Management of the Severn Estuary Against ICZM Principles (2007)
The COREPOINT project will provide for the testing and demonstration of the European principles of ICZM at local levels. In the Severn Estuary, the COREPOINT project will include:
• a review and evaluation of the estuary management programme, including recommendations
• a strategic, scoping exercise on the future programme development, focusing on long-term trends and pressures, external policy shifts and triggers for change

The COREPOINT project will also allow coastal practitioners in the Severn Estuary (on both English and Welsh side) to learn from their European neighbours and will focus international expertise on the coastal regions of the Severn Estuary and Inner Bristol Channel.