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Through the fourth Interregional Cooperation Programme (INTERREG IVC), which is financed by the European Union's Regional Development Fund, DeltaNet seeks to help its partners work together and share experience and good practice in a number of key areas, such as: industry; innovation; the knowledge economy; the environment; and risk prevention.

Partners from 8 EU Member States: Rhine, Meuse and Scheldt (BE/NL); Elbe (DE); Vistula (PL); Severn (UK); Tagus (PT); Ebro(ES); Minho (ES/PT) and Danube (RO).


  • To improve the effectiveness of regional development policies and related instruments
  • To foster improved environmental risk management through the development of appropriate spatial planning measures
  • T o achieve these through exchange of inter-regional partner experiences & good practice


  1. Integrated Delta Approach
  2. Flood & Sediment Management
  3. Healthy Environment
  4. Delta Awareness
  5. Coordinated Delta Policy


  • Their low-lying nature makes them vulnerable to Physical coastal change including:
    • Sea level rise & flooding
    • Fluvial & sediment regime modification
  • Significant economic demands threaten their special character & ecological value
  • Regional development policy measures are often inefficient and ineffective, not integrated


  • Expert Workshops including field visits
  • Wider conferences – including politicians
  • Follow-up workshops

Project-wide outputs

  • Interactive website
  • Brochures & events
  • Good practice guides
  • Policy recommendations for EU

Delta region outputs

  • Wide range of dissemination materials
  • Work plans


Severn Estuary Dr Rhoda C Ballinger - [email protected]

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Good Practices and Policy Recommendations on Theme 1 (Integrated Delta Approach)

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