The Partnership

Thursday 8th June 2006

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Welcome & Opening Speeches
Chair: Chris Wooldridge, Cardiff University & Advisor to the Severn Estuary Partnership
Opening Speech - Christine Gwyther, Welsh Assembly Member
Welcome – Cllr Peter Tyzack, Chairman of the Severn Estuary Partnership
Establishing the Severn Estuary Forum – Natasha Barker, Severn Estuary Partnership Officer
Celebrating the Severn

Chair: Natasha Barker, Severn Estuary Partnership Officer
The Dynamic Severn: Points of View - Chris Wooldridge, Cardiff University
Ten Thousand Years of Change - Richard Brunning, Somerset County Council
Integrated Management and the Severn Estuary – Prof. Peter Burbridge, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Climate Change: Recent and Regional Predictions
Chair: Environment Agency

National Predictions – Dr David Woolf, National Oceanographic Centre
Regional Perspective - Sarah Hendell-Blackford, SW Climate Change Impacts Partnership
Severn Estuary Perspective – Roger Wade, Environment Agency

Marine Bill
Chair: Morgan Parry, World Wide Fund for Nature

Delivering Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) in Wales - Rhoda Ballinger, Cardiff University
Marine Strategy & Integrated Management of the Severn Estuary – David Tudor, Env’t Agency
The Marine Bill & Severn Estuary Issues – Jan Brown, World Wide Fund for Nature

Renewable Energy
Chair: Roger Falconer, Cardiff University School of Engineering

Severn Barrage: is the tide turning? – David Kerr, Sir Robert McAlpine
Regional Perspectives on Renewables - Morgan Parry, World Wide Fund for Nature
Avonmouth Renewable Energy Project – Patrick Kearon, The Bristol Port Company

Flood Risk Management
Chair: Peter Watts, Severn Trent Regional Flood Defence Committee

Tidal Severn Flood Risk Management Strategy & Avonmouth Scheme – Niall Hall, Env’t Agency
The Severn Estuary Coastal Habitat Management Plan –Deborah Dunsford, Environment Agency
Moving with the Tide: Steart Point, Somerset – Richard Symonds, Environment Agency