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Interpret the estuary

Welcome to the Severn Estuary Interpreter’s toolkit. So why have a toolkit? The purpose is to aid you to find estuary information, advice and contacts. It aims to help you interpret the estuary for you organisation , by giving you background knowledge and drawing together sources so that you can be more effective in what you want to do.

On the following web pages you will find-

What’s out there? – This is an audit of the main types, providers and condition of existing interpretation around the estuary
What's there to interpret? Main topics and themes being interpreted, with links to key sources of information for your interpretation.
What’s in a theme? How thinking thematically can help your Interpretation

The toolkit aim’s to provide a resource base to any interpretation work to be carried out by the Severn Estuary Partnership and its Partners. Click to find some definitions of Interpretation, what we mean by the Severn Estuary and other relevant terminology.

Interpreter's checklist- Are you planning some interpretation on the estuary? This will help you with a checklist of things to take into account.