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This checklist is designed to quickly help you get the best from your interpretation. It can be used for any sort of interpretation / strategic communication, from panels to leaflets, newsletters to slideshows and guided walks. Work through the checklist and click on the links to find out more about each item on the list.

1. Why do you want to interpret something? What exaclty are you interpreting? Is your interpretation part of a wider communication strategy / interpretation plan? How does what you want to do fit in with your organisation goals? More.

2. Who are you going to involve in the interpretation process? More.

3. Who is the audience for your interpretation? If there is a wide audience, who is the main audience, the ones who you most want to reach? More.

4. Find your theme. A theme is the overall message, expressed as a sentence, that you want your main audience to gain from the interpretation. It promotes your audience to think, or better still, to wonder. More.

5. Think about your media. What is the best way to get your theme across? Are you sure it is a panel, or leaflet? Or maybe a website? More.

6. What are the impacts of your interpretation? Especially important for the Severn Estuary is any impact on the European Marine Site- the wildlife. Have you thought about the local population in the area so that they are aware of any interpretation and if relevant, its position? More.

7. Think about the design of the interpretation- design, if applicable, the visual aspect, the text, images, printing etc. More.

8. How are you going to evaluate what you’ve done? More.