The Partnership

Why and what?

This is the basic question which you will need to answer as you develop your interpretation. What has motivated you to think of using interpretation? Cast your net to look for the wider purpose of the interpretation
Possible reasons often are-
-to give visitors a more enjoyable / rewarding experience
-education of the public / changing beahaviour
-marketing / promotion of organisation
-protection / conservation reasons

It is often helpful to draw a 'mind map'- put your interpretation in the middle- and draw several arms to other plans / projects which may be linked. This will help ensure that you've covered all the bases before you start. Is there a communication strategy for your organisation? Does your organisation have a duty to involve various groups in the process e.g. local community groups?

Interpretation is a form of strategic communication. It is designed to meet goals or objectives.

1. What are your organisations objectives? Now would be a good time to revisit what your organisation is striving for. There may be many tiers to the organisation, so it may be your unit's objectives you wish to look for. Is there a communication strategy for the organisation?

2. If the interpretaion in project based, what are the overall goals of the project?

3. Much interpretation is site based - what are the objectives of the site? Does the site have an interpretation strategy? If not, then does one need to be written first?

Once youve got everything down into your mind map, list your objectives for your interpretation. We'll come back to these later on.

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