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Design your media

Now you have your theme, and your media, you can go about designing and writing the interpretation.
The steps you take here will depend on the nature of the interpretation, but it is a good idea to keep cross referencing with your theme, to ensure that you are getting the message across.
It’s useful here to think about sequential and non-sequential interpretation.

Sequential Interpretation

In sequential interpretation, the interpreter always controls the order in which the information is presented.
E.g. Guided walk, Slide show, television programme, trail
In this form of interpretation you can state the theme at the beginning and the end, only at the end, or you could never actually mention the theme but it is implicit- abundantly apparent throughout the work.

Non-sequential interpretation

In non-sequential interpretation then the interpreter does not control the order in which information in presented. It is the visitor who has this control.
E.g. Panel, leaflet, display, website.
Weather interpretation is sequential or non sequential has bearings on how you approach your design. A visitor who has control of the information may read only part of a panel, or website, or only look at the pictures etc. Therefore in order to ensure the message gets across then a good way is to make you theme implicit everywhere you can. E.g. on a well designed panel, any pictures could support the theme and give the flavour of the theme to the visitor, especially when combined with the heading and/or other pieces of large text.

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