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Evaluation of your interpretation

Evaluation answers the question ‘is our interpretation meeting its objectives?

’A range of evaluation methodologies are available.

They can be subdivided into:

• Quantitative methods which count and measure things.

Here your data is already in the form of numbers or can be converted into numbers that can be analysed statistically.

• Qualitative methods which attempt to describe your visitor’s opinions, attitudes, perceptions and feelings.

This information will require further interpretation and organisation.

Quantitative and qualitative research can be undertaken using the following techniques:

1 Observations involve observing visitor behaviour, for example to determine how long people spend looking at an exhibit, and whether they come away with the theme.

2 Tracking/behavioural mapping involves following visitors to find out where they go, how they use a space or area, and the amount of time they spend in different places.

3 Questionnaires involve both qualitative and quantitative information. Questionnaires can be done by an interviewer or can be filled in by the visitor.

4 Focus groups involve gathering information through semi-structured in depth interviews with a group of people.


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