The Partnership

What's out there?

The Survey
Requests were sent to Tourism agencies and local authorities to compile a list of organisations, sites and groups relevant to delivering interpretation in some way. As there were so many, criteria relating to interpretation wholly or mainly dedicated to the estuary, its landscape and estuarine / marine themes in some way was applied.

These organisations were contacted and sent interpretation evaluation forms. They were designed to give a snapshot of the interpretation being carried out on and around the estuary and its condition. Key sites were followed up with a site visit and meeting with staff involved in interpretation. Key areas of interest- topics used, themes used, no’s of visitors. A survey of web based information and sites relating to the estuary was also carried out.

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Acknowledgement here is made to the Morecambe Bay Partnership who conducted a comprehensive Interpretation Audit and Strategy in 2001-02. Several ideas and much of the methodology has been influenced by the Partnership’s work.

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