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What's to interpret?

Below are examples of the wealth of topics available to the interpreter of the Severn Estuary. Of course you probably already know where your subject matter lies, but it is useful to scan over to see if there are other areas you perhaps hadn’t considered.

Landscape Character
  • Levels and floodplains
  • Intertidal area, sand, mud, shingle, saltmarsh
  • Quality of light and views
  • Cliffs
  • Dunes
  • Open spaces

Natural History
  • Overwintering bird population
  • Native birdlife
  • Intertidal habitats- saltmarsh, sand and mud banks, cliffs
  • Levels habitats, rivermouth habitats
  • Estuarine life
  • Salmon and migrating fish, elvers, eels

Cultural History
  • Archaeology- Roman, mediaeval
  • Maritime history- ports, trade, coal, slavery.
  • Rights of way and historic routes
  • History of settlement
  • Floods e.g. 1942
  • Religion

Industry, Energy, Transport and engineering
  • Nuclear Power
  • The Severn tunnel
  • The Severn bridges
  • Dredging
  • Severn Barrage
  • The grain trade
  • Vessels- coracles, punts and trows

Earth Sciences
  • Geology, geological processes
  • Tidal Range, Tidal bore
  • Coastal processes and management

Agriculture, fishing and resource use
  • Fishing methods- stopper boats, lathe nets
  • Orchards

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