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Membership - What are the benefits to you?

What is the Severn Estuary Partnership (SEP)?

The Severn Estuary Partnership (SEP) is an independent, estuary-wide initiative providing support to many organisations who have responsibilities or interests in the estuary. SEP brings together local authorities and statutory agencies on a regular basis. A wide range of public and private organisations, local clubs and individuals can also benefit from membership.

Benefits of Membership

The SEP provides a wide range of services, projects and events throughout the year. Membership will improve your ability to make contact with people who share your interests and meet others with useful information. Over 15 years of knowledge and Estuary wide contacts will be at your fingertips. Specific benefits of our membership and associated cost can be found here.

Our work and the benefits to your organisation & Community:

The Severn Estuary Partnership Aims:

  • To facilitate effective communication across and between organisations and individuals
  • To establish and embed a set of ‘common principles’ for sustainable estuary use via Partners’ strategies, policies and action plans
  • To act as a co-ordinating body to assist the effective & efficient delivery of agreed estuary-wide actions
  • To promote and publicise the estuary at local, national and international level
  • To add value and fill gaps in effective estuary management, providing extra capacity when required

The Joint Estuary Group Initiative

The SEP hosts a biannual Joint Estuaries Day to bring together estuary wide groups under a common platform:

  • SEP provides an estuary-wide perspective for Local Authority plans and project consultations
  • SEP acts as a Severn Estuary umbrella body, providing a service to many other estuary-wide groups


The SEP is currently involved in number of internal and external projects including; the collation of a State of the Severn Estuary report, the promotion of sustainable management of key European deltas & estuaries (DeltaNet), the enhancement of the capacity for climate Change adaption in the Estuary (IMCORE) and educational activities including workshops, website and education resource pack to promote awareness of adaptation options for Climate Change (Beacons YoCCo) - further information regarding these projects can be found here on the partnership Website.

Information Dissemination

The Partnership also seeks to support joint working between Severn Estuary organisations and the public. In particular it disseminates information and promotes stakeholder involvement through:

  • Organisation of an annual Forum for an update on events, lively debate and “meet the neighbours” opportunity
  • Distribution of monthly E-News bulletins with updates on consultations, plans and meetings
  • Distribution of biannual Severn Tidings Newsletters to find out in depth-information about Estuary activities and people
  • Development of the SEP Website, Severn Estuary Gateway Website and associated websites
  • Maintenance of an estuary wide contacts database of +2500 organisations and users

Why should you be involved?

If you want to be keep your finger on the pulse of Estuary activities and have access to a broad range of statutory, non-statutory, industrial and user groups, join the Severn Estuary Partnership. Membership benefits and Application Form

Contact the Severn Estuary Partnership at:

The Severn Estuary Partnership
c/o School of Earth & Ocean Sciences
Cardiff University
Main Building
Park Place
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Tel: 029 20 874713
Email: [email protected]

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