The Partnership

Invitation to sign the Partnership Agreement

The Severn Estuary Partnership is inviting organisations interested in the future of the Severn Estuary to sign up to a Partnership Agreement. Since the mid 1990's over 200 organisations have come together to support the Severn Estuary Strategy. Now it is hoped that many will sign up to this voluntary statement of co-operation to help strengthen the Partnership.

The Partnership provides a wide range of co-ordination services for estuary-related interest groups- from providing news, information and contacts, to convening meetings and carrying out project work with partners.

A new Business Plan will be launched in Spring 2006 to highlight the benefits of involvement in the Partnership.

Local Authorities, statutory agencies, port and harbour authorities, charities and voluntary interest groups are being invited to sign up to the agreement. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the agreement plese contact us.

Who's involved? For a full list of our partners click here

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