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The Severn Estuary Partnership (SEP) and Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum (PCF) are pleased to announce the launch of the 2015 Wales Coastal Directory (WCD) which has been commission by Welsh Government: Marine and Fisheries Division.

SEP and PCF undertook a review of Wales’ coastal and marine networks and forums to aid Welsh Government with dissemination of information related to the Welsh National Marine Plan (WNMP). The aim of the 2015 WCD project was to update the 2013 Wales Coastal Directory and develop it to include the networks of the neighbouring regions to the WNMP. The project also involved creating a spatial layer on the Welsh Government’s Marine GIS planning portal, click here to view. Key information about each organisation is summarised here and available for public access.

To ensure forums and networks are fully involved and engaged throughout the marine planning process, the 2015 baseline data will be updated annually over the next three years. The 2016 update will be commencing in the later months of 2015.

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