Severn Tidings Newsletters

'Severn Tidings' is the Severn Estuary Partnership Newsletter. It aims to give a flavour of news from around the estuary and from the Severn Estuary Partners. These are published in conjunction with our more regular 'E-News' bulletins.

Please click on the links below to obtain a PDF copy, or alternatively we can send you a copy by post. If you have any news or articles you think might be appropriate in Severn Tidings please contact us.

Severn Tidings 17 Standing on Common Ground - Inside: An Estuary Round Up; Tidal Lagoon Power; Tidal Fence Technology; Severn Vision Project; Welsh National Marine Plan; Bristol Channel Severn Estuary Energy Group; Severn Estuary Strategy; Severn Estuary Forum; A Forgotten Landscape; Severnside Wetlands; Nature Improvement Area; English Coast Path; Wales Coast Path; The Living Coast Programme; Wales Coastal Directory; WWF: Review of Terrestrial Planning Policies; Funding Partners Update; Explore the Severn. Autumn 2015
Severn Tidings 16 The Estuary - Past, Present and Future - Inside: Estuary Group Updates; Recreational Sea Angling; The Green Guide for Marinas; The Severn Bore; Sabrina Dreaming; Hopes for Sustainable Eels; Magnox Power Stations; Hinkley Point C Project Overview; Seabank 3 Power Station; Harnessing the Power of the Tides; The SS Belgia and German Capture; Monmouthshire Shipbuilding in WWI; Funding Partners Update; Severn Estuary Forum. Summer 2014
Severn Tidings 15 Sharing experiences of the Severn Estuary - Inside: Severn Estuary Forum 2012; BCYA Blue Book; DeltaNet: Cardiff Meeting; Tidal Power in the Severn Estuary; State of the Severn Estuary Report; Explore the Severn; Coastal Partnerships Network; Bristol Channel Standing Environment Group; Severn Estuary Forum 2013; Severn Estuary Flood Risk Management Strategy. Summer 2013
Severn Tidings 14 Communicating Coastal Change - Inside: Severn Estuary Forum – 2011; The Severn and Elbe are mates; DeltaNet: Recent Progress; IMCORE; The ‘State of the Severn Estuary Report’; Geology of the Severn Estuary and the Severn Way Walk; Tanking on the Severn; Coastal Partnerships Network; The Association of Severn Estuary Relevant Authorities (ASERA); The Severn Estuary Coastal Group (SECG); Severn Estuary Flood Risk Management Strategy. Spring 2012
Severn Tidings 13 Spotlight on the Severn - Inside: Association of Severn Estuary Relevant Authorities; Severn Estuary Coastal Group; Bristol Channel Standing Environment Group; Devon & Severn Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Association; IMCORE; Explore the Severn; Purton Ship Graveyard; Arfordir: Coastal Heritage and Community Engagement; Severn Area Rescue Association; DeltaNet; Hinkley Nuclear Power Station; Flatholm Island; The Severn Estuary Forum. Summer 2011
Severn Tidings 12 Celebrating our Diversity - Inside: The Severn Estuary’s Marine Conservation Zones & European Marine Sites; Association of Severn Estuary Relevant Authorities Update; Angling in the Estuary; The River that Flows Backwards; Bristol Port; The Shoreline Management Plan; IMCORE; Archaeology - A Severn perspective; The Severn
Estuary Forum. Summer 2010
Severn Tidings 11 Bridging Boundaries - Inside: Severn Estuary Forum 2008; Secrets of the Severn; Tidal Power Consultation; Policy Update; Severn Estuary Shoreline Management Plan 2; The Marine and Coastal Access Bill; Project Updates; News & Events. Spring 2009
Severn Tidings 10 Realising our Potential - Inside: Tidal Energy; Marine Bill; River Basin Planning; Conservation Designation; Shoreline Management; Managing Tidal Change; Promoting the Severn; Membership Scheme; Pointing the Way for Europe; News & Events. Spring 2008
Severn Tidings 9 Working Together - Inside: Severn Estuary Forum; Celebrating the Severn; Aggregates; Estuary Groups Day; Climate Change & Flood 400; New Publications; Tidal Power Project; Marine Bill & ICZM; Project Updates; News & Events. Winter 2006-07
Severn Tidings 8 Severn Wonders: A Festival of the Severn Estuary - Inside: The Bristol Channel Yachting Association’s “Blue Book”; Severn Wonders Festival 2006; Marine Bill Update; Severn Estuary Forum; Newport Transporter Bridge; Explore the Severn: Portishead/Clevedon. Summer 2006
Severn Tidings 7 The Dynamic Severn - Inside: The Wild Bore; Severn’s Shifting Sands; Explore the Severn: Quantocks Coast; COREPOINT Launch on the Severn; Lydney Dock Grand Opening; Severn Bridges: The Second Severn Crossing; Steep Holm is where the heart is; Severn Events. Autumn 2005
Severn Tidings 6 Inside: European Projects Energise Partnership; Explore the Severn: Unlock the History of the Gwent Levels; Flat Holm Island, Rich in Wildlife, Steeped in History; COREPOINTs the Way for the Severn; Estuary Round Up; Draft Marine bill sets sail; GIS Forum helps communication. Spring 2005
Severn Tidings 5 Focus on Access and Recreation - Inside: Access Project Strides Forward; Explore the Severn: Blakeney & Gatcombe; Newport Wetlands Success; Gloucestershire Wildfowlers Expansion; European Marine Site; Severn Estuary Coastal Group; Wales Coastal and Maritime Partnership. Autumn 2004
Severn Tidings 4 Inside: Severn Estuary Success in Europe; What is Stakeholder Involvement?; Archaeology, Martime Trade and the Severn Estuary; Severn Estuary News. Autumn 2003
Severn Tidings 3 From Strategy to Action on the Severn - Inside: Severn Estuary Partnership Update; The Severn Estuary European Marine Site; The Association of Severn Estuary Relevant Authorities (ASERA); Severn Bids for European Funding; EU Recommendation on ICZM; Estuary-wide Organisations Sign up to Co-ordination. Spring 2003
Severn Tidings 2 Inside: Hyder's challenge is plain sailing; Flood and coastal defence - the landowners view; An important year for the Severn Estuary Strategy; Marine aggregate extraction in the Severn Estuary; SABINA project heralds the way for waste minimisation around the Severn Estuary; Cybestuaries CD ROM of good estuary management is launched. Spring 1999
Severn Estuary Strategy Newsletter 1 Inside: Dwö r Cymru Welsh Water - our partnership with the SES; 'Managed retreat' on the Axe Estuary; Dow Corning; The Environment Agency view of the Severn Estuary Strategy; Campaign to reduce marine litter; The Severn Estuary possible Special Area of Conservation. Summer 1998



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