Other Estuary Publications

Gauging the Tide - A critical review of the current level of methods used to assess and manage flood risk in the Upper Severn Estuary. January 2013

Striking the Balance - An adaptive co-management ecosystem-based approach for MCZ management in Wales. July 2012

Marine Geography Teacher's Day - Cardiff Bay May 2009

Severn Estuary Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment Survey: National Mapping Programme December 2008 (English Heritage)

cSAC Conservation Objectives June 2008

Littoral Paper - Natasha Barker - Fellowship Report 2008
Managing Tidal Change - Natasha Barker - Fellowship Report 2008
Phase 1 - The Bay of Fundy, Canada
Phase 2 - Penzhinskaya Guba, Russia

Tides of Change - WCMT Article

The Severn Bore - Gloucester Harbour Trustees - Safety guidance for surfers, canoeists, small crafts and river bank users in the upper Severn Estuary

Stories of the Severn Sea - Maritime Heritage Education Resource Pack of the Severn Estuary

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