State of the Severn Estuary Report

The ‘State of the Severn Estuary Report’ (2011) was produced by the Severn Estuary Partnership and Cardiff University, in collaboration with the Environment Agency with support from the European Interreg IVb IMCORE project. The report incorporates contributions from the University’s lecturers, local industries, stakeholders and Estuary residents.

This document is the first in a series that reports on the state of and changes in the natural and human environment of the Severn Estuary, and where possible, establishing baseline data in the context of climate and other coastal change.

One of the main objectives of the report is to inform a wide ranging audience, including local people and industry professionals alike, on why the Estuary is so unique by providing a largely non-technical overview of the Estuary environment; focusing on its uses and resources. The initial report uses 2010 data wherever possible.

State of the Severn Estuary Report

SOSER Report Cards


Since the initial publication of this report, individual themes within the report have been updated online on an ongoing basis as new data becomes available.

The online version of the ‘State of the Severn Estuary Report’ is featured on the 'Estuary' menu bar button on this website:

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