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To date, the Severn Estuary Partnership (formerly Strategy) has worked closely, not only with Local Authorities and local agency personnel, but with a range of other bodies and individuals with estuarine interests and responsibilities. As a result of two years' participation and consultation, a Severn Estuary Joint Issues Report was produced in 1997, in partnership with the Environment Agency.

Extensive participation has been encouraged through organised seminars, public meetings and advertising in local media, in which over 500 people expressed their views on the Severn Estuary and its management. Hundreds of responses have been compiled in the Responses to the Joint Issues Report, which provide further possible ways forward for management. This report is available in all libraries around the Severn Estuary.

In 2000-1 the Severn Estuary Strategy prepared Policy recommendations and Proposals for Action for the Estuary, and along with key stakeholders and partners has produced a Consultation Draft for the Strategy for the Severn Estuary. As a result of this consultation and the co-ordinated efforts of many key partners in dealing with the responses, numerous appropriate changes have been incorporated into the final Strategy for the Severn Estuary. In addition all the responses received have been recorded and are available to be viewed on this website.

At the same time the Strategy commissioned research to assess the changes in awareness about Estuary Management that have been produced in stakeholders throught the work of the SES. These are presented in the Study to Assess the Understanding and Awareness of the Severn Estuary Strategy by Stakeholder Organisations.