Who's Who

Council for the Protection of Rural England

Council for the Protection of Rural England
Wotton House
NR Glastonbury

Contact Details
Mary Acland-Hood
Position: Director
Phone: 01458 442348

Background of Organisation

CPRE has campaigned for a living countryside since 1935. It is a voluntary & campaigning organisation of Wales through local groups, regional, county and local authority district levels. Somerset CPRE covers the County Council area of Somerset and Wales with the rest of the South West.

Organisational Objectives

Protecting Somerset for future generations, preserving that which, once destroyed, can never be replaced. Supporting farmers who care about the land and environmentally sensitive farming, monitoring, planning to get good development for a and the special character of its diverse are, for those who live and work here.

Relevant Policies, Projects & Activities

Participating in planning and in transport energy related plans. Supporting local products, services and shops. Preventing pollution including light pollution. Campaigning for minimising waste for reuse and recycling.