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Environment Agency

North Wessex Area
Rivers House
East Quay

Contact Details
Andy Hicklin
Position: Customer Services Manager
Phone: 01278 457 333
Email: [email protected]

Organisational Objectives

· Advise local and central government on environmental issues as a statutory consultee on planning policy, development plans and certain planning applications;
· Provide a flood warning service;
· Maintain, operate and improve flood defences where appropriate;
· Supervise, regulate and influence other organisations with flood defence responsibilities;
· Promote recreational use of all inland and coastal waters and associated land;
· Maintain and improve navigation;
· Enforce navigation legislation;
· Regulate the management of waste, including the treatment, storage, transport and disposal of controlled waste, to prevent pollution of the environment, harm to public health or detriment to local amenities;
· Develop an integrated approach to the prevention and control of land contamination ensuring that remediation is proportionate to risks and cost-effective in terms of the economy and environment;
· Regulate the use of radioactive materials and the disposal of radioactive waste;
· Monitor, protect, manage and where possible, enhance the quality of all controlled waters including rivers, groundwaters, lakes, canals, estuaries and coastal waters through the prevention and control of pollution;
· Conserve, redistribute, augment and secure the proper use of water resources;
· Maintain, improve and develop salmon, trout, freshwater and eel fisheries;
· Further landscape conservation and enhancement when carrying out water management and pollution control functions and promote the conservation and enhancement of the natural beauty of rivers and associated land;
· Further conservation, wherever possible, when carrying out water management and pollution control
functions and promote the conservation of flora and fauna which are dependent on an aquatic environment;
· Consider the impact of all its regulatory, operational and advising activities upon archaeology and heritage, and implement mitigation and enhancement measures where appropriate.