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English Nature

English Nature
Somerset and Gloucestershire Team
Bishops Hull

Contact Details
Charlotte Pagendam
Position: Conservation Officer
Phone: 01531 638500
Email: [email protected]

Background of Organisation

English Nature is the Government agency that champions the conservation of wildlife and geology throughout England. It wants to ensure that future generations can enjoy a wealth of wildlife as a major part of their quality of life. It achieves this by both its own actions and by enabling others.

Organisational Objectives

English Nature:
· Is the Government’s advisor on nature conservation;
· Provides advice and information on nature conservation to other organisations and individuals;
· Designates the most important areas for wildlife and natural features as Sites of Special Scientific Interest
(SSSI) and secures sustainable management of these sites;
· Issues licences which permit people to work with protected animals and plants;
· Establishes and manages National Nature Reserves (NNRs) and Marine Nature Reserves (MNRs);
· Supports and carries out research;
· Implements, on behalf of Government, international conventions and EC Directives on nature conservation
including the Conservation (Natural Habitats etc) Regulations 1994;
· Implements English Nature’s share of the UK Biodiversity Action Plan in England and assists in the
practical application of sustainable development;
· Helps people to experience and care for wildlife and natural features;
· Offers grants to help others carry out nature conservation.