Who's Who

Monmouthshire County Council

Monmouthshire County Council
County Hall
NP44 2XH


Contact Details
George Ashworth
Position: Head of Planning
Phone: 01633 644803
Email: [email protected]

Colette Bosley
Position: Landscape Officer
Phone :01633 644852
Email: [email protected]

Background of Organisation

A Local Authority responsible for the delivery of a wide range of services and functions within MontmouthshireOrganisational Objectives

The full COUNCIL meets monthly to agree on budget and corporate policies , decide political management framework. It appoints the Cabinet Leader and Chief Executive and determines political make-up of Cabinet. The seven appointed cabinet members meet once a fortnight to discuss a portfolio covering the environment amongst other themes like Lifelong Learning and Leisure, Social and Housing Services and Resources and Customer Services. It then implements the council policies. There are also four thematic select comittees, which meet every 6 weeks to discuss the above mentioned policies and :

  • help with the strategic development of policy
  • review policy
  • call-in of Executive decision
  • scrutinise the decision making process
  • receive and examine monitoring reports carried out internally and externally on services
  • carry out reviews of specific services (including best value)
Relevant Policies, Projects & Activities
The Council's Environment Directorate covers issues of economic development and tourism, country parks and walks, woodland management, rights of way, development planning, building control, public transport planning and planning applications. This division aims to administer planning legislation in such manner as to meet current and future needs of the community and :
  • Protect and/or enhance the county's towns, villages and countryside.
  • Plan for homes, investment and jobs in a way which is consistent with the principle of sustainable development.
  • Achieve economic development to secure rising standards of living and improved quality of life both now and for future generations.
  • Promote close links with the community, develop partnerships, encourage participation and increase awareness of the environment.
  • Develop openness and accountability, and promote policies to help disadvantaged sectors of the community.
  • Continually review the effectiveness of the service in terms of value and quality.
  • Promote staff development and inter-departmental working.