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Parents Concerned About Hinckley

Parents Concerned About Hinckley
8 Jubilee Street

Contact Details
Colin Rodgers
Position: Delegate
Phone: 01278 789032
Email: [email protected]

Background of Organisation

Parents concerned about the activities on the Estuary that threaten or could threaten their children. Currently concerned about the theories that suggest that radioactive nucleotides from Hinckley Point, are gathering in the sediments and are washed up and down the estuary and are later deposited and wind blown to the populations inland.

Organisational Objectives

PCHA recently conducted a house to house survey regarding the history of concern in the region and have held a number of community events and press interviews to highlight our findings.

Relevant Policies, Projects & Activities

Currently engaged in the Magnesc Decommissioning Dialogues under the Environment Council. Recently involved in the new DTI talks Stakeholder Forum, started 4/3/03.